Send money for free using this peer-to-peer app

Send money for free using this peer-to-peer app

For decades, we have had no other choice but to pay for high transaction fees when we send fund transfers. We expect to pay remittance fees when we use money transfer agencies. If we send funds using banking institutions, we can be crippled by the outgoing and incoming fees.  


Waiting for days

The time it takes to send money internationally through the banking network used to make us wait for days. The shortest period of time would be three banking days. It is possible to wait for over a week for the funds to appear in an account if there are weekends and holidays during the transfer process.

Ways to send money

Our most common methods to send money includes using cash, direct deposit, prepaid cards, credit cards, and bank transfers. It is also common nowadays to use mobile payment apps and e-wallets for payments and remittances. These standard ways of sending money have paved the way for the company that has advanced payment solutions.

A money services company

Mobile technology integrated with tried and tested transfer methods enables you to do more when you use this money services company. The innovative options include sending money for free, instant money transfers, international transfers, and getting to avail of a USD or Euro prepaid debit card. 

Send money for free

With the use of a peer-to-peer app, payment providers enable you to send money to recipients from around the globe without the need of paying for anything with each and every transaction that you make. Since you will be sending the funds through your account in the online payment service to another person with an account as well, the transfer of the money will be that much easier and won’t cost you any additional fees.

Instant money transfer

Unlike traditional forms of money transfers, using a peer-to-peer app to transfer funds don’t have a long processing time. Once you click send on the funds you wish to pay, it will only take minutes for the recipient to get the money. 

Transfer funds internationally using local banks

Instead of using a bank to bank transfer, through the SWIFT network, you can transfer through local banks. However, the money that you will be sending out has to be in the local currency of the country you are transferring the money to. 

Own a USD or Euro virtual card

Using a virtual card to make purchases online can be more convenient and safer for you. Since you don’t have to use your regular debit or credit card to buy online, the risk of your accounts getting hacked into is eliminated. Also, you can get a prepaid virtual card so that you can place a budget on your online shopping.

Get the peer-to-peer app

These advanced payment solutions can be yours when you download the peer-to-peer app of this reliable money services company. You’ll be able to pay with ease and not be hampered by high transaction fees. There will be instant remittance for the funds which will be credited into the account of the app holder right away.